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ITAC Tool Not Tracing ISend and IRecv MPI Messages


Hi, I am using Intel ITAC 2019.3.032, and testing the NAS parallel benchmarks with MPI. It appears that the ITAC tool is not collecting message logs for non-blocking send/receive (I_Send/I_Recv). The message profile simply is blank. When I run programs which have blocking send/receive, the message profile is created with data. When I run the program, the following warning is generated:

 [0] Intel(R) Trace Collector WARNING: message logging: Intel(R) Trace Collector could not find pairs for 19272 (50.0%) sends and 19272 (50.0%) receives

Is there a way to get this to log the non-blocking sends/receives? 

Furthermore - is there a way to log all messages with timestamps, size etc, instead of just getting a summary of total count and max/min/avg?

Thank you!

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Hey Peter,

I apologize for the delay here.  ITAC should, in fact, support the entire MPI-2 standard, including non-blocking send/recv calls.  For your non-blocking application, do you see any MPI calls (if you make other calls) and only the I_Send/I_Recv data is missing?  Or you don't see any MPI communication at all?

On your question to log all messages: that should be done already and the data is accessible via the GUI (right click on a message line and select the Details dialog) or you can "dump" the trace data to STDOUT via the stftool --dump option.