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KAP/Pro on Cray XT4?

I currentlyam runningthe IntelKAP/Pro Toolset ona SGI 3900 HPC system. That system will be decomissioned on September 30, 2007. We are acquiring a Cray XT4 in the Nov-Dec 2007 timeframe.

Is KAP/Pro available for the Cray XT4? It is running a version of Suse 10.

If not currently available, is an XT4 version on the KAP/Pro development path?

Here is the Intel KAP/Pro Toolset download area:


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Black Belt

KAP tools don't appear to have continued development in the original form. This functionality is incorporated in current Intel compilers, which support SuSE 10, or should do so within a week. The Cluster OpenMP option included in these compilers may work on XT4; I don't know if it has been tested, as the primary focus would be on Intel hardware platforms. If it is successful for you, it would enable you to run parallel across a larger number of cores than pure OpenMP or auto-parallel, which should work across at least 2 cores. You could try the 30 day evaluation.
For large parallel applications, you would have to deal with the vendor supported MPI. In principle, it should not be difficult to use Intel compilers with such MPI. You might ask the vendor to what extent they support it.
Black Belt

I should have mentioned that some of the original KAP developers are involved in the threading forum, so you may get more details there.