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MPIICC not installed with MPI Library



So I downloaded the Intel MPI Library 2017 for Linux, and after it finished installing, I noticed mpiic is not there, although installation finished successfully. Shouldn't it be? 

I have from before Open MPI working, but I couldn't manage to build HPL that way, so I turned to Intel's MPI. I don't have a lot of experience on this, so I'm not sure what to try next, if someone has any suggestions...

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In order to use mpiicc you must set paths by sourcing both the mpivars script in the MPI installation and the compilervars script in the icc installation.  Is that what you mean by "not there" (prior to sourcing those scripts)?  There is no longer support for 32-bit mode.

Easily found descriptions of OpenMPI build of HPL are 3.5 yrs old, so possibly more outdated than those about Intel MPI for which some comments have been posted on MKL forum.


Hello Maria?

In which directory are you looking? is mpirun available? If yes, what do you see when you type

>which mpirun

  what is the output of "ls" on the directory where mpirun is?

Also, if you can post the install log (should be under /tmp), that might help to see what happened. The license also needs to be available on your physical machine.  If you do have a license on the machine, make sure to set INTEL_LICENSE_FILE to point to it before starting the install. If something wrong with the license file - what might happen is that only free runtimes end up installed.