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New Releases of the Intel(R) Cluster Tools for Linux* and Microsoft* Windows CCS*


In keeping with our goal of providing you with a complete set of productivity tools for efficient application software development that maximizes parallel performance on Intel-based cluster systems, Intel announces the availability of a new set of software releases for the Intel Cluster Tools.These packages are available on IA-32, Intel 64, and Itanium-based systems running Linux* and Intel 64 systems running Windows*.

The Intel Cluster Toolkit 3.1bundles all the Intel Cluster Tools into a single software package. This multi-component software toolkit contains the core libraries and tools to efficiently develop, optimize, run, and distribute parallel applications for clusters with Intel processors.

Version 3.1 of this software package introduces new major versions of all the Intel Cluster Tools software products, in addition to being the first release of the Intel Cluster Toolkit for Windows*:

  • Increased performance and usabilitywith the Intel MPI Library 3.1
  • Additional optimization and threading support for the Intel Math Kernel Library 10.0
  • New functionality with the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 7.1
  • Addition of new core routines in the Intel MPI Benchmarks 3.1
    • Now available for Microsoft* Windows CCS*
    • New Gather(v) and Scatter(v) benchmarks
    • Better performance through:
      • Greater user control over cache re-use and memory usage
      • Improved runtime control for collective operations

The Intel MPI Library 3.1, a high-performance interconnect independent multi-fabric library implementation of the industry-standard Message Passing Interface, v2 (MPI-2) specification, is the first release of the Intel MPI Library for Windows*.

At a glance, version 3.1 of Intel MPI Library features:

  • New Operating System support
    • Microsoft* Windows* Compute Cluster Server* 2003
    • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 5.0
  • Increased application performance

    • Automatic performance tuning utility (mpitune)
    • Improved default performance settings
    • Intelligent process layout pinning

    • Scalable application startup/termination
  • Usability Improvements
    • New user-friendly diagnostics and options
    • Light-weight statistics gathering mode
    • Enhanced user documentation, including a new Installation Guide
  • Extended interoperability
    • Unified Intel memory management support (i_malloc)
    • Intel C++ and Fortran Compiler 10.1 support
    • Compatibility with Microsoft* Visual Studio .Net 2005

The Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 7.1 is a low-overhead scalable event-tracing library with graphical analysis that reduces the time it takes an application developer to enable maximum performance of cluster applications. This is also the first release of the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector for Windows*.

The highlights of the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 7.1 product include:

  • Now on Microsoft* Windows CCS* 2003
    • Supports the Intel MPI Library 3.1 for Windows*
  • Usability improvements
    • Command-line interface for the Intel Trace Analyzer GUI
    • PIN-based binary instrumentation for all Intel architectures and supported OSes
  • Improved performance and interoperability
    • Enhanced light-weight statistics gathering for the Intel Trace Collector library
    • Compatible with Microsof t*, Intel Compilers and Visual Studio*
    • Distributed memory checking for the MPI Correctness checking library
    • Automatic compiler-driven instrumentation with the Intel and GNU* compilers

And introducing a new product suite for Linux* and Windows*: the Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition 3.1 - a software package that provides a unified cluster installer and new releases of the Intel Cluster Tools and the Intel Compilers:

  • Intel C++ Compiler 10.1
  • Intel Fortran Compiler 10.1
  • Intel Debugger 10.1
  • Cluster OpenMP* for the Intel Compilers (Linux* only)
  • Intel MPI Library 3.1
  • Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 7.1
  • Intel Math Kernel Library 10.0
  • Intel MPI Benchmarks 3.1

To acquire the latest releases of the Intel Cluster Tools, please visit the Intel Registration Center at

We look forward to helping you deliver more scalable applications sooner.


The Intel Cluster Software Tools Team

For more info, please visit:

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