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New system built, no support 2 x 2 CONROE duo core+SLI QUAD support.


Hello, this is message from one of your customer to an outstanding company namedINTEL who is to be a cutting-edge world leader in design and performance forprocessors and state-pf-the-art material friendly to end-users and gamers.

This is a request made in attempt to understand the blockage forced upon my platform. I want to push further the performances and possibilities of my computer but doing so requires me to find the very best motherboard available with support for 2 physical CONROE Duo Core 2 x6800 model, SLI support for 7950 x2, and high-speed DDR2 800 mhz support + an SCSI/SATA2 native support. The main problem is finding all of these on one motherboard... I'm asking myself and the world of designers around the globe why didn't yet bring one to the market answering the call for more processing power with 2 physical processing unit CONROE Duo Core 2 supporting x6800 and latest Intel chipsets with QUAD SLI support for great video rendering performance and quality!

My system was researched for the last 2 months, built today and to be delivered within the next month for tomorrow's most demanding applications and games. I would like to see greater output and efforts combined with ressources efficiency, and up the availability of choice to end-users and extreme gamers. My friends and I are all hyped about my computer based onINTEL products
I spent a year saving money for it, and I can certainly show them the meaning of the best computers built upon an INTEL template that represent quality to the world lead by their superb graphic cards!

My ferrari cost me 10,000 $, not 1,000,000. I am paying and ready to make the leap with this platform within the next month the pieces will be assembled. Many end-users are ready to do so, and they just await real raw power all-in-one with the possibility to have the best from a world leader! This a living dream brought to me byINTEL but the dream cease to exist without decent numbers of processing power. My request is to make and create a brand new motherboard supporting QUAD SLI literally with 7950 in mind x2 possible of x4, SCSI/SATA2 native support, 2x CONROE Duo Core x2 x6800 and lastest intel chipset, PCI-EXPRESS 16 x2 or x4 with full PCI-X on the motherboard and at least 4 gig of DDR2 800 mhz supported at full speed.

Below are the specs of my computer:

Bought at Microdata BR in Quebec, Canada.
Designed with extreme performance and a gamer at heart in mind.

Microdata BR
4825, 1re Avenue
Charlesbourg, PQ
G1H 2T5
Tl.: (418)-623-3073
Fax.: (418)-623-0463 Soumission 2006-09-30 , 10:07 pm

Conseiller : Rmy


No Item Description Total


MISE A NIVEAU 9 358.06
35761 Thermaltake P N:VA9000BWS Kandalf black full tower
50918 INTEL CPU Core 2 Duo X6800 2.93GHz FSB1066MHz 4M L
40939 Zalman CPU Fan CNPS9500 LED-CU CNPS9500 AT
49337 BFG Tech GeForce 7950GX2 OC 500MHz 1GB GDDR3 PCIe
49337 BFG Tech GeForce 7950GX2 OC 500MHz 1GB GDDR3 PCIe
40871 Creative Labs Sound Blaster SB0550 X-Fi Elite Pro
AJOUT SEAGATE 73GB Internal 4-in Ultra320 68-pin HDD 150
AJOUT SEAGATE 73GB Internal 4-in Ultra320 68-pin HDD 150
AJOUT Expert 800mhz corsair 2x1024
AJOUT Power supply galaxy ernemax 1000w
AJOUT Expert 800mhz corsair 2x1024
AJOUT PX-716SA plextor firewire external
AJOUT Ecran samsung 244t black 8ms 1000:1
MCC9999 Protection valeur neuf de 3 ans

Sous-Total : 9 358.06


TPS : 561.48
TVQ : 743.97


Total : 10 663.51

The system would be literally TWICE as powerful as it is right now with a second CONROE Duo Core Unit 2 (DCU2) making the processing power the most ever brought in a single computer at home for gamers to this day,INTEL can do it we have confidence in their designers and the company's name of quality, innovation and attention to the market. The shares for end-users are there the more you bring materials available the more it will grow steadily.

Sincerely yours,

a system builder customer overhyped by the conroe platform,INTEL chipset and motherboardsbut deceived by the lack of agressivity from flagship motherboards of companies who so far excelled in bringing the best products and support but always forgot to introduce more raw power with higher processor counts, more GPUS and RAM all in one motherboard.

C'mon turn on the heat on the competition and blast them away! Bring us real raw power and excellency with a crosshair show off design that's all about gaming, efficiency and look!INTEL is the best in my heart but you've got to keep it up above the crowd to stay there!

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"Woodcrest" S5100 series are the dual socket counterpart of "Conroe." Sure, they weren't designed for the game market, but they have been available as long as Conroe.

Hello, I am a system integrator andservice specialistin a computer retail store that deals with computer software and hardware. Over the years we had the best experience with intel based motherboards and solutions and on numerous occasions our customers were more satisfied with intel - nvidia configurations more than any other (likeamd and ati).

With increasing demands of our customers towards more powerful systems gaming configurations are getting more requested every day. With the takeover of ati by amd one would conclude that intel would provide a powerful system through an sli nvidia basedmotherboard with core duo or quad core and as such position themselves on the top list gaming and professionalsystems provided for desktop and workstation user. Such a stable and powerful solution would be greatly appreciated by power users of all ages and by system integrators and providers too.

I hope this suggestion is taken seriously and implemented as everyone would benefit from such a designin performance and stability not to mention quality as people in this threadhave alreadynoticed it.