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Problem in transfer from SMPD process manager to mpiexec MPI process manager


Since Intel® MPI Library 2017 the SMPD process manager was removed. I have no problems in the use the SMPD process manager that was available in the previous Intel® MPI 5.1.3 version of the MPI library, as it supports the call of executable in a way that is similar to ordinary call of Fortran executables:

mpiexec.smpd <g-options> <l-options> <executable>

where executable = <name>.exe is the executable file. In particular case, the following call was supported:

mpiexec.smpd -n 4 executable < input file > output file 2>&1            (A)

The Syntax of the mpiexec utility that is a scalable MPI process manager is formally similar:

mpiexec <g-options> <l-options> <executable>

On a local node the following call of the mpiexec utility works:

mpiexec -n 4 –localonly executable > output file 2>&1

Explain, please, what options should be used to run the executable by the mpiexec utility in a way, similar to (A) with the explicit definition of the input file.

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I'll describe the problem in detail. The platform for this case is PC running Windows 10 Pro x64 with Norton Antivirus enabled.

  1. mpiexec.smpd works perfectly, mpiexec (hydra) hangs running simplest task. With option -localonly mpiexec runs simplest task normally.
  2. Question with stdin. The program reads strings from stdin with following commands:
        1 READ (*,1000,END=2) A
     1000 FORMAT(72A1)

    The problem is that mpiexec.smpd treats end of file normally, but mpiexec (hydra) hangs in this case. Reading from usual file, not stdin, is executed normally. We know option to pass command line parameter to executable program, and open file with the name from command line parameter, it works fine.