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Problem when running an MPI program


I'm running an mpi program, but I believe there are some problems with it.
When I run: 'mpiexec -np 5 ./MYPROGRAM', I get:
[n1:13453] *** Process received signal ***
[n1:13453] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[n1:13453] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
[n1:13453] Failing at address: 0x8
[n1:13453] [ 0] /lib64/ [0x2b63845d7a90]
[n1:13453] [ 1] /lib64/ [0x2b638485aa25]
[n1:13453] [ 2] /lib64/ [0x2b638485ac76]
[n1:13453] [ 3] /lib64/ [0x2b6384d51089]
[n1:13453] [ 4] /lib64/ [0x2b6384885cfc]
[n1:13453] [ 5] /lib64/ [0x2b638488555f]
[n1:13453] [ 6] mpiexec(orte_sys_info+0x138) [0x4250ac]
[n1:13453] [ 7] mpiexec(orte_init_stage1+0x7c) [0x455b48]
[n1:13453] [ 8] mpiexec(orte_system_init+0x7) [0x4221f7]
[n1:13453] [ 9] mpiexec(orte_init+0x49) [0x421fc9]
[n1:13453] [10] mpiexec(orterun+0x1a6) [0x41d360]
[n1:13453] [11] mpiexec(main+0x20) [0x41ce08]
[n1:13453] [12] /lib64/ [0x2b6384803586]
[n1:13453] [13] mpiexec [0x41cd59]
[n1:13453] *** End of error message ***
Segmentation fault

The same program could run on headnote, but it would have problem on notes. Could anyone help me with it? Thanks.
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Hi ceciliaxixi,

Unfortunately, this is not a lot of information to go on. Could you provide your compile command, as well as which compilers and versions you're using? What does MYPROGRAM do? What version of the Intel MPI Library are you running? Are you even running Intel MPI? Any other details you can provide will be helpful.

If you are, indeed, using the Intel MPI LIbrary, you can start off with a simpler example. We provide some Hello World test programs in C, C++, Fortran77, and Fortran90 in the /test directory. Try compiling and running one of those. Does it work?

Finally, it will be useful for you to provide us with a reproducer we can run on our local machines. If you don't want to post your source code in a public forum, you can always submit an issue at the Intel Premier Support portal. Your login should be the same one you created upon registration of your Intel Software product serial number.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


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The traceback indicates that an OpenMPI installation was on PATH when mpiexec was started. You must keep your Intel and Open MPI installations separate. The supported way of using Intel MPI is to set the paths by e.g. 'source /opt/intel/impi/4.0.0/bin64/' (make appropriate changes in version according to your needs) both at build and at run time, same path on all nodes. If you aren't using Intel MPI, but only OpenMPI, the OpenMPI FAQ and mailing list are more suitable for your questions.
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