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Question about submitting MPI job from Windows HPC 2012


Dear all,

I can launch my program by Intel MPI by the following command line:

mpiexec -wdir "z:\test\1\-newR1A30" -mapall -hosts 10 N01 2 N02 2 N03 2 N04 2 N05 2 N06 2 N07 2 N08 2 N09 2 N10 2 Z:\directional\for_debug\fem

Now I am trying to launch it by Windows HPC 2012. I have created a cluster with Windows server 2012 installed on head node and Windows 7 64bit OS installed on other nodes. On all nodes the Windows HPC 2012 are installed. I created new job and configured task with above command line filled into task's command line, and then submit the job. However, the job finished soon and the output is like following:

abort: Unable to connect to N03
abort: Unable to connect to N02

Is there anything I missed in launch the program by HPC 2012?



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