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Reference manual for Intel MPI library routines?


Dear Sirs,

I have now searched for about 30min unsuccessfully for the description of the Intel MPI library routines, including in particular, how to call them from a program targeted for the intel fortran compiler. I am somewhat embarassed for my inability to find it and to have to ask you this here:

Could you please point me to the appropriate intel document that describes the said routines, and how to call them?

(Unfortunately, this is a prerequisite totally independent of compiling and running programs, which is of course information easily found on the intel web site.)

Best regards,

Klaus Hallatschek

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Hi Klaus,

The latest version of Intel MPI implements the MPI 3.1 specification which you can download at, i. e. all library routines are described in the specification. The runtime environment variables or command line flags for the Intel MPI implementation are documented in the reference guide at Please notice also the link to the Release Notes on that page.

Best regards

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