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Regarding the use of Intel MPI DAPL fabric under Widnows PCs cluster


We have a Windows PCs  InfiniBand cluster with the use of Mellanox M2401G 24-Port 20G IB Switch. But under Windows the Mellanox card does not support DAPL and this point was further confirmed by the Mellanox Corp.. We are using the Intel MPI library 5.0 and hopefully we can run our MPI applications by the means of DAPL network fabric for internode communication rather than TCP network fabric. We have been trying to use DAPL under Windows but we failed to do so. What kind of hardware is  used to pass DAPL over Infiniband test ?  We need hardware information such as vender and model and driver information, provided by vendor or opensource, if opensource what’s download link.

Do you have any the latest OFED drivers that can satisfy our above needs? Please let me know as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and your early response is highly appreciated.

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Our testing is done with ConnectX* adapters, and everything is mlx4 capable.


Hi, James,

Could you offer me more information on how to use mlx4 capable? at least we need to know the following information and ND0 is an example, please see the following:

# DAT (DAPL Provider) configuration file

# Entries scanned sequentially - first entry to open is used unless explicit

# DAPL interface name specified.

# Each entry requires the following fields:

# <DAPL-Interface-name> <api_version> <threadsafety> <default> <dapl_lib_path> \

# <provider_version> <ia_device_params> <platform_params>

# DAT 2.0 [NetworkDirect v2] provider - NDlist form NDx to ND device mapping

ND0 u2.0 nonthreadsafe default C:\Windows\system32\dapl2-ND.dll ri.2.0 "ND0 1" ""

Thanks for your reply and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Best regards,






You will need to talk to Mellanox* about options for your HCA.