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Seg fault in fortran MPI_COMM_CREATE_GROUP, works with Open MPI and MPICH


I'm having a segmentation fault that I can not really understand in a simple code, that just:

  • calls the MPI_INIT
  • duplicates the global communicator, via MPI_COMM_DUP
  • creates a group with half of processes of the global communicator, via MPI_COMM_GROUP
  • finally from this group creates a new communicator via MPI_COMM_CREATE_GROUP

Specifically I use this last call, instead of just using MPI_COMM_CREATE, because it's only collective over the group of processes contained in group, while MPI_COMM_CREATE is collective over every process in COMM. The code is attached.

If instead of duplicating the COMM_WORLD, I directly create the group from the global communicator (commented line), everything works just fine.

The parallel debugger I'm using traces back the seg fault to a call to MPI_GROUP_TRANSLATE_RANKS, but, as far as I know, the MPI_COMM_DUP duplicates all the attributes of the copied communicator, ranks numbering included.

I am using the ifort version 18.0.5, but I also tried with the 17.0.4, and 19.0.2 with no better results.
On the contrary, using Open MPI and MPICH 3.3 this program is working jsut fine.

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I could reproduce the segmentation fault with Intel MPI 2017 and 2018 but not with any of the 2019 versions (initial, updates 1-3). Please upgrade to 2019 update 3 and try again.

If you have also installed the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector (for example as part of the complete Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 Update 3, you can activate the MPI Correctness Checking. It will also show you a traceback in case of issues (best if compiled with "-g"):

mpirun -check_mpi -n 3 ./a.out

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Thank you Klaus, 
You are right, with the last version it's working.
Many thanks for your help.


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