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Snapshot facility and counter sampling in Intel Trace Collector 5.0 on Linux IA64


Is there a facility provided for profiling snapshots of fully optimized? E.g. application has been running for a day, now capture 2 minutes of profile data and analyze it (while application contiues to run).

How about of instrumented code?

Also what does it mean when the documentation says:

** Operating system counters can be sampled for each process.

How does this work? Is it using PAPI to query the counters?

Thanks for any help,


Susanne Balle

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Susanne -
You can use the Intel Trace Collector API to turn the collection of trace data on and off. For the scenario you describe, you could insert logic that could poll an environment variable or some other changeable "device" to know when to turn the collection of trace data on and off. There would be no way to externally affect the tracing of data with justthe default instrumented library.
Intel Trace Collector does work with PAPI. I've not had the chance to try it out, myself, so I couldn't tell you how it works, but I have seen the results of using PAPI counter access.
Hope that helps.
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