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Using Intel MPI over Rdma over Converged Ethernet


Hello All,

I have been trying to run IMB over 40GigE RoCE using IntelMPI and OpenMPI. I could run it using OpenMPI using the following FAQ

But I have been having issues running IMB using Intel MPI. I did not see many resources online. I have been trying to run it as follows.

mpirun -n 40 -machinefile ./hostfile -dapl ./IMB-MPI1

and it has been failing saying that "  dev.c:535 error Failed to open device context: No such device". 

If I set the I_MPI_FABRICS to tcp its running over the gigE managment network and not over the RoCE interface.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Are there any resources about running applications using Intel MPI over RoCE.





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