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Welcome to the HPC forum

Welcome to the new Intel High Performance Computingdiscussion forum. In this online community, developers, strategists, architects and others with an interest in HPC can pose questions, exchange ideas, gain insights, share BKMs and other pieces of information of interest to this industry segment. The initial contributors to this forum are Intel engineers working with varying aspects of high performance computing.
To start, most all HPC technologies will be fair ground to query or challenge. We'll respond here, or if your question is better answered by, for example, folks in a compiler forum, we'll send you there for an additional answer.
This community is intended for all levels of expertise and experience, and we'd like to invite everyone's participation. If you want to know what HPC is all about, you are welcome. If you want to be specific and share your opinion, you are invited, also. Intel provides a wide range of products and services. Make this community one of your stops in connecting with Intel teams.
Share your knowledge and your experience. Also, be sure to check out the HPC Developer Center for whitepapers and information of interest to the developer community.
Please introduceyourself to the HPC community.Welcome again!
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Dear all,

I am conducting a research on bitwidth analysis for optimizing lengthy programs in terms of power. I am having a hardtime in actual bit wise usage monitoring of registers for different programs. please let me know if there is any tool which can monitor the bit usage of each register in a processor. Note that this is not about register usage but bit wise register usage. Thanks in advance.