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Zero-sized .stf file generated from ITAC


I am actually trying to use Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector (ITAC) to profile my MPI code written in Fortran.

The code does execute MPI_init at first and MPI_finalize at the end.


Following the thread of [ ] and ],

I have learned that using either LD_PRE_LOAD prior to run or adding '-itac' option for compiling and linking works in my case.


The problem is that, although I was able to obtain .stf and .prot files, the size of .stf file is zero, thus unable to open it with ITAC.

In addition, I have also noticed that when I try to run the executable file compiled using '-itac' option, it works only for the single node case, and hangs for multiple nodes case.


For your information, I'm using "Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 3" for compilers, mvapich2.2.2-qlc-intel18 for MPI library, which is compatible with ITAC from check_compatibility.c test, and CentOS 6.4 for the OS.


Any helpful comment will be deeply appreciated.

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