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installing parallel_studio_xe_2019_cluster_edition in a cluster for a non root user with student license

Dear Intel support team,

Please help for below points:

Package "parallel_studio_xe_2019_cluster_edition.tgz" has been downloaded from the Intel student's account of Intel website.  This package needs to be deployed at the HPC cluster of 21 compute nodes and 1 master nodes as a non-root user.  We like to install Intel packages at path /home/apps/intel so that all server can access this lustre file system from the compute nodes and master nodes. 

1. Do we just install package at master node with the standalone license will be sufficient to use intel compilers at compute and master nodes? 

2. Do we need an license manager for it? 

3. Is standalone license will work as floating license if we deploy license manager? if yes, single license means single user can run it at any given time right? 

4. How shall we install intel packages without super user account at RHEL Linux? .

Thanking you 

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