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link error when complie the Intel Optimized MP LINPACK Benchmark for Clusters

I have compiled the mp_linpack under the DELL M600 with Mellanox infiniband cards.
The version of intel compiler I have is 10.1.018 and the version of MKL is
I use the mp_linpack package under the benchmarks of MKL,and I changed the arch file named Make.em64t of it

The important environment variables are:
MPdir = /usr/mpi/intel/mvapich-1.1.0
MPinc = -I$(MPdir)/include
MPlib = $(MPdir)/lib/libmpich.a

LAdir = /opt/intel/mkl/
LAinc = /opt/intel/mkl/
LAlib = $(LAdir)/libmkl_intel_lp64.a $(LAdir)/libmkl_sequential.a $(LAdir)/libmkl_core.a $(LAdir)/libguide.a -lguide -lpthread

CC = $(MPdir)/bin/mpicc

The /usr/mpi/intel/mvapich-1.1.0 package is setuped with the drivers provided by Mellanox.

When the compiler runned the following line, some errors happened:

/usr/mpi/intel/mvapich-1.1.0/bin/mpicc -DAdd__ -DF77_INTEGER=int -DStringSunStyle -DASYOUGO -I/export/home/linpacktest/mp_linpack/include
-I/export/home/linpacktest/mp_linpack/include/em64t /opt/intel/mkl/
-I/usr/mpi/intel/mvapich-1.1.0/include -O3 -axP -w -nocompchk -static_mpi -nocompchk -i-static
-o /export/home/linpacktest/mp_linpack/bin/em64t/xhpl HPL_pddriver.o HPL_pdinfo.o HPL_pdtest.o
/export/home/linpacktest/mp_linpack/lib/em64t/libhpl.a /opt/intel/mkl/
/opt/intel/mkl/ /opt/intel/mkl/
/opt/intel/mkl/ -lguide -lpthread /usr/mpi/intel/mvapich-1.1.0/lib/libmpich.a
ipo: error #11021: OBJREAD Error: Could not create mapping for /opt/intel/mkl/
icc: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)

I don't know how to fix it! Please do me a favor!
Thank you very much!

Chu qiu
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Quoting - chufall
-I/export/home/linpacktest/mp_linpack/include/em64t /opt/intel/mkl/

ipo: error #11021: OBJREAD Error: Could not create mapping for /opt/intel/mkl/
Chu qiu

Hi Chu qiu,

Thanks for your question.
This is very strange error message...
Have you missed -I before /opt/intel/mkl/

I don't see any "-ipo" switches, so InterProcess Optimization should be used. Please check your command line options.

Best wishes,
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