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maximum file size issues (bug??).


Hi, all.
Just after updating to Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017, I've met something wired.
If I tried to copy a file from A to B, when the size of A is approximately 6GB, but B returns 2GB (4byte integer??). Another test gives same result, MPI-IO can not write a file larger than 2GB. This code works very well With Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016. If I exchange mpif90/mpirun to openmpi's one, there is no problem, too. I guess there are some bug in the intel MPI library of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017.

   call su00.init (ns=sufile.ns)
   call para_range  (jsta, jskp, jend, 1, 1, sufile.ntrcr, nprocs, myrank)
   call mpi_file_open (mpi_comm_world, trim(sufile.file)//".su", mpi_mode_rdonly, mpi_info_null, file00, ierr00)
   call mpi_file_open (mpi_comm_world, trim(sufile.file)//"", mpi_mode_create+mpi_mode_wronly, mpi_info_null, file01, ierr01)
   call mpi_barrier   (mpi_comm_world, ierr)
   do itrcr = jsta, jend, jskp
      su00.dum4 = 0.0E+0
      disp00 = 4*(60+sufile.ns)*(itrcr-1)
      call mpi_file_read_at  (file00, disp00, su00.dum4, 60+sufile.ns, mpi_integer4, stat00, ierr00)
      call mpi_file_write_at (file01, disp00, su00.dum4, 60+sufile.ns, mpi_integer4, stat01, ierr01)
   end do
   call mpi_barrier    (mpi_comm_world, ierr)
   call mpi_file_close (file00, ierr00)
   call mpi_file_close (file01, ierr01)
   call ( )



U Geun


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Hi U Geun,

Would it be possible to get a complete reproducer for the issue? And if you have an Intel Premier Support account I suggest to report the issue there.

Best regards