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mpiexec requires administrative privileges on Windows

Our organization has recently purchased Intel Cluster Studio. We have set up a few test cases to ensure that everything is working as expected and have come across an issue with using mpiexec on our HPC cluster. Specifically, it appears that running mpiexec requires administrative privileges. I know about the `wmpiregister` command, and setting the environment variable `I_MPI_AUTH_METHOD` to `delegate`; that isn't the issue. Rather, either of these methods work for me (an administrator on our HPC cluster), but they don't work for my colleagues (who are not administrators on the cluster). The test executable does not require any privileges (it is simply a MPI version of a "Hello World" program that prints out each processor's rank as well), but mpiexec refuses to run without administrator rights regardless. What are possible workarounds for this issue? I.e., how can we get non-administrators the ability to run mpiexec on our cluster?

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