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peak floating point operations of Intel Xeon E5345


I want to find the peak floating point operations of  Intel Xeon E5345 prcessor. i searched about that and found it 9.332 GFlop/s . I want to make sure . There is a formula(please correct me if I am wrong) :

Flops/s = #instructions per second * clock cycle

The clock cycle is 2.33 GHz( I ma not sure ) and I did not find the number of instructions per second the machine can perform.

Any idea

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It can be challenging to work through all the code names for older processors....

  1. A search for "Xeon E5345" brings up a pointer to the Intel ark specification page:
    1. This lists the "Code Name" as "Products formerly Clovertown"
  2. From "Clovertown" is listed as a 65nm product based on the "Core" microarchitecture.
  3. From the only listing for a 65nm Intel processor is "Merom"
    1. In the chapter for "Merom", look for the section labelled "Floating Point XMM instructions", then the subsection labelled "Arithmetic".
    2. The table shows that the processor can dispatch one ADDPD instruction every cycle to Port 1, and one MULPD instruction every cycle to Port 0.  Each of these instructions performs two 64-bit operations (on a pair of 64-bit values packed into 128-bit XMM registers), for a total of 4 floating-point operations per cycle (per core).
  4. The Xeon E5345 processor has four cores, each running at 2.33 GHz.  Each core has a peak 64-bit floating-point execution rate of 2.33*4=9.33 GFLOPS, giving the entire processor a peak 64-bit floating-point execution rate of 9.33*4 = 37.33 GFLOPS.  A system configured with two Xeon E5345 processors would have a peak 64-bit floating-point execution rate of 2*37.33 = 74.66 GFLOPS.
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