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pls help me:why i can not see the real cache size by /proc/cpuinfo ?



thanks a lot before,i have met some uncertern problem,the cpu's real cache is 4M,but the os could not distinguish it ,now only can i see the cache size is 0KB in /proc/cpuinfo,and then i check the BIOS,and the bios can identify all 4M cache .

i am also trying to recompiler the kernel according to someone's advice one website,i check the right option after doing "make menuconfig " ,i changed the Intel x86-64 to --Generic-x86-64in Processor family (Generic-x86-64) option,and recompil the kernel,and then the problem is as usual.:( pls help me!a tons of thanks.:)

os:redhat as3u5

kernel version:2.4.21-34

cpu:intel 5160 3.0Ghz

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AS3U5was released long before Xeon 5160 was produced, so it may not be surprising that it does not recognize all details correctly. It was the first satisfactory64-bit distrofor Pentium D, which is the only example installation of it to which I have access. Even on my Pentium D, it does not support the SourceForge driver for the on-board lan adaptor, just to give an example of the difficulties presented by an older distro. Improvements relevant to Xeon 5160 areadded right up to current versions (EL4U4/Centos 4.4). Sorry not to be of more help.

appreciate your post,thank you very much.:) .for somespecifical reason,the AS3U5 can not be ungraded to newer release version,it just be a hot potato to my headache,the buyer could only accept just as3u5 i've looked through somepost on the website,but it seem that anyone can treat it well.iagreed you thatthe cache would be distinguished after useingEL4U4/Centos 4.4.

and i don not know though the os cannot distinguish the cache correctly but bios did,does the cache also work?:(