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Any reason why Intel MKL Pardiso is not using the most updated code from


On, it is claimed that:

Important: Please note that the Intel MKL version of PARDISO is based on our version from 2006 and that a lot of new features and improvements of PARDISO are not available in the Intel MKL library.

Is this statement true? If yes, why Intel MKL version of Pardiso is not based on the latest Pardiso version from official website? Is Intel MKL losing out on the latest features and improvements from Pardiso?




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That's correct. The release of PARDISO* 4.0.0 from the University of Basel (UB) is not backward compatible with PARDISO from the Intel® Math Kernel Library 10.3 (Intel® MKL). See the summary of the API differences between University of Basel (UB) PARDISO* and Intel® MKL PARDISO follow this link. This article should be updated accordingly the latest ( MKL 11.3 and 2017) versions of Intel MKL Pardiso. We will do that.


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