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How to install GNU Compiler Collection support for OneAPI?

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Hello, I need to install IOpenMP threading library (mkl_gf_lp64) for the GNU Fortran compiler and LP64 interface library (mkl_gnu_thread) for GNU fortran and C++ compilers.

According to the manual they are optional and part of GNU Compiler Collection support and supposed to be installed by default. Once I downloaded and installed OneAPI base toolkit I can not locate those libraries inside the oneapi/mkl/latest/lib folder nor can I find any option in the installer to enable them. It seems they are missing from the install package for MacOS.


How can I enable or install GNU Compiler Collection support of OneMKL?

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Hi Saeid,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Since this is a duplicate thread of, we will no longer monitor this thread. We will continue addressing this issue in the other thread. 




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Maybe related: I'm having trouble locating the libiomp5.dylib (see my ongoing saga which also seems to have been moved despite this being very much a oneAPI problem rather than specifically an MKL problem).

On Windows, one needs also to install the compiler library support component of oneAPI alongside MKL to get the runtime libiomp5.dll but on MacOs there doesn't seem to be an equivalent. (On Windows the component is I think a similar component exists on Linux, but not on MacOs for some reason.)

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It seems for me the Vidya's suggestion to use link advisor works, even though some libraries are not available for Mac, but I could simply use similar libraries and Intel compiler to compile the code.

I am positive that the download page of the OneAPI packages sometimes malfunctions, in which case clearing the cookies, or simply using private (incognito) mode of the browser will work for me. Also the link to download page of the OneAPI installers is very hard to find, I followed this page ( to find the download page and basic instructions for the OneAPI installers for windows and MacOS, and it's quite straightforward to install them without using command line.


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