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Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) older version for MacOs



             I have Apple MacBook Pro 5,5 13.3 , Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz | 4 GB RAM | 160 GB SSD 1280×800.

I have a Macbook with OS 10.13, and I tried to download the MKL new version available on the Intel website in 2023, but that did not install because it said 10.14 or later. Then I tried to generate a ticket on Intel, and they did try to generate a ticket to get an older version and push me to write a message in the community centre. What should I do now? How can I get older versions of MKL and which are suitable for my computer, like 2018 or 2020 or 2021 MKL?


I try to run comsol multiphysics software and got this error 


Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: This system does not meet the minimum requirements for use of the Intel(R) Math Kernel Library.

The processor must support the Intel(R) Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (Intel(R) SSSE3) instructions.

The processor must support the Intel(R) Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 (Intel(R) SSE4.2) instructions.



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Hi Mehdi, we would like to inform you that older version of Intel® oneAPI MKL has been removed publicly. You will find only latest version of Intel® oneAPI Toolkits availably publicly.


Please note Intel® has decided that Intel® oneAPI Toolkits Versions: 2023.1.0 and earlier are not supported anymore. We urge users to upgrade to the latest version of Intel® developer tools.  


The unsupported versions do not include the latest functional and security updates. These versions are targeted to be removed after a period. For more information refer to the link:, and scroll down to the Unsupported Product Versions.  


However, Intel® oneAPI users with active Intel® Priority Support can access older versions via a secure portal and gain access as part of support subscription.  


Refer to the link: and know more about priority support. 

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Hi Mehdi, unfortunately we were unable to hear back from you. 

If you have any further query, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®. 

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