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MKL 2019 installed but not showing Windows 10 Installed Programs


I installed MKL 2019 update 3 under Windows 10 64 bit, trying to use it with Visual Studio C++ 2017.

Initially the install went ok, and Intel Performace Libraries showed up under Configuration in VS2017.

But after uninstalling MKL 2019, and VS2017, and reinstalling, Performance Libraries is not showing up under Configuration, even though MKL install says it finds and integrates with VS2017.

There seems to be a problem with cleaning up the registry after uninstall of MKL 2019. Windows still thinks it is installed, and won't properly install again.

I install MKL 2018, and it seemed to integrate with VS2017, and show up under configuration. But there are strange issues that seem to result from Windows not uninstalling MKL 2019 properly.

How can I clean up the mess that MKL 2019 made in the registry, and reinstall it so that it works with VS2017 like it did originally?

This is extremely frustrating as I've spent 5 hours uninstalling and installing Visual Studio and different MKLs.

Please provide a working MKL 2019 uninstaller for Windows. I need to use MKL with Visual Studio, and the broken installer is making it impossible to proceed.

Thank you,

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Jason, It is quite hard to advice something without installation and uninstallation logs (of all described attempts). 


Gennady, could you tell me where installation logs are stored?

I uninstalled MKL 2019 update 3, and then tried to run the installer to reinstall. But the installer continues to think that MKL 2019-3 is already installed in IntelSWTools. If I run the installer, and try to integrate with VS 2017, I get linker errors errors despite selecting Use MKL in Intel Performance Libraries, and the libraries showing up in the Linker line, so the integration is not working. I cannot uninstall MKL 2019 with Add/Remove Programs in Windows because it does not show up in the list, even after running the installer.

I tried to install MKL 2018, and integrate with VS 2017, but this does not work either. I can at least uninstall MKL 2018 using Add/Remove Programs.

Having no luck with the 2019 uninstaller, I used regedit to manually remove everything that mentioned IntelSWTools are mkl, and there were hundreds of references. And I deleted the IntelSWTools directory and restarted the machine.

I then tried to run the 2019 installer again, but it still thinks MKL 2019 is already installed in IntelSWTools, despite the directory and all reference in the registry being deleted! Any help convincing the installer that MKL is not installed would be great.

Thanks for any help with this. I am at the point of having to reset the Windows 10 installation and reinstall every program.



Hi, Palmer, Jason 

You might use "visual studio total uninstaller" to uninstall your visual studio, and then re-install the visual studio with a preferable version. The app visual studio total uninstaller can be downloaded from github.

Good Luck.