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7015 Discussions can't find symbol... and neither do I

I got tasked to recompile some existing software that depend on MKL. The first think I did was setting-up a test machine to avoid messing up my development box. I installed Fedora14, the gcc compiler, MKL and all the other required libraries necessary to emulate our work environment. Then I made a make file and compiled. Everything worked as expected.

Then I proceeded to replicate the setting on the machines we use in the office. They have Fedora14 and I managed to install all the libraries that I needed and I used on the test box. Copied over the make file, shell environment etc.
When I compile the code on the new machine I get:

/mkl/lib/intel64/ undefined symbol: mkl_blas_xsgemm0_brc

Everything I have checked seems to be identical to the test box except of course for the fact that on the test machine I have installed Fedora14 from scratch and on the "real" machine Fedora14 was already there.

I have googled the error message but I couldn't find anything

Can somebody here point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

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interesting, how it would be... you can checklist the symbols being exported from this so.
or just try to use * instead this one.
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