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20090511 development release was posted on our open source site.

Hi all!

open-source development release was posted to the open source TBB site. The list of changes:

- Basic support for MinGW32 development kit.
- Added tbb::zero_allocator class that initializes memory with zeros.
It can be used as an adaptor to any STL-compatible allocator class.
- Added tbb::parallel_for_each template function as alias to parallel_do.
- Added more overloads for tbb::parallel_for.
- Added support for exact exception propagation (can only be used with
compilers that support C++0x std::exception_ptr).
- tbb::atomic template class can be used with enumerations.
- mutex, recursive_mutex, spin_mutex, spin_rw_mutex classes extended
with explicit lock/unlock methods.
- Fixed size() and grow_to_at_least() methods of tbb::concurrent_vector
to provide space allocation guarantees. More methods added for
compatibility with std::vector, including some from C++0x.
- Preview of a lambda-friendly interface for low-level use of tasks.
- scalable_msize function added to the scalable allocator (Windows only).
- Rationalized internal auxiliary functions for spin-waiting and backoff.
- Several tests undergo decent refactoring.

Changes affecting backward compatibility:

- Improvements in concurrent_queue, including limited API changes.
The previous version is deprecated; its functionality is accessible
via methods of the new tbb::concurrent_bounded_queue class.
- grow* and push_back methods of concurrent_vector changed to return
iterators; old semantics is deprecated.

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