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An idea from the Java world

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Does anybody have an opinion about something called "Disruptor" (see I've seen this before, and yesterday somebody brought it to my attention again, but I thought I'd first ask here if anybody else had evaluated it yet. I presume there's some overlap with a TBB pipeline?

(Added 2012-04-24) Maybe this has been mentioned before on the forum, maybe I'm just imagining, but it would probably be interesting to do a systematic survey. Does anyone have any such information?
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I went through the thread. I think there is a take away for TBB Queues. There are a lot of scenarios where we havemultiple producers and single consumer
If the queue is not empty, then the single consumer need not compete with the multiple producers. Say at a point in time, the consumer reads the queue length as 10, then the single consumer can be sure that nine consumptions can happen without any locks.
Similarly if the producer has multiple stuffs to enqueue, he can form a structure without contention, that can be enqueued.
Can we make any effort to incorporate these features?
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