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Basic Installation on Windows Platform


Hello everybody

As you can see in my previous posts, I don't achieve to compile TBB on my computers.

I've tried with a dualcore (xp), un pentium4 (xp) and a 8 cpus computer (windows 7), and it doesn't work.

For the two first, the compilation begins but it failes. For the last one, nothing happens.

My compiler is GCC (version 3.4.5) and I installed mingw32-make (3.81) to run the Makefile. I have to say that all my projects in C and C++ run without any problem.

I've tried these options : mingw32-make compiler=gcc arch=ia32 runtime=mingw on all my computers, with all the combinations possible, errors...

So, please, here is my request : If someone achieved to install TBB on his computer on Windows, could you tell me, exactly, what changes have you done ? (Environment variables ? Path ? Parametres ? etc.)

I really need this library before the 11th March, I'm very tired about this....

Thanks very much in advance

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New Contributor I

I don't know much about the Windows platform, but the version 3.4.5 of the GCC compiler sounds incredibely old. There may be serious bugs and unsupported features in it. Is there a problem in installing a newer version? I strongly suggest you either did that or switch to another compiler.

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