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Bug in concurrent_vector documentation

Section 5.2 of the Tutorial (Open Source).pdf on the website contains the following code snippet.

void Append( concurrent_vector& vector, const char* string ) {
size_t n = strlen(string)+1;
memcpy( &vector[vector.grow_by(n)], string, n+1 );

Isn't this copying the null terminated string plus an additional byte to the vector?
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Thanks for catching and reporting the error! Though it looks like someone has already fixed it by rewriting the memcpy line in the following way

std::copy( string, string+n, vector.begin()+vector.grow_by(n) );

Not sure if this version has already been released, but at least it is what I see in our mainline at the moment. Anyway, thanks again, and don't hesitate posting other errors you may find (you evidently have a sharp eye), there is a good chance that they are still lying about nonfixedsmiley [:-)].

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