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Development Progress on TBB I/O Support?

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I remember that TBB is aiming to support parallel I/O within tasks. Is this still happening, and how is it progressing? I'd be interested in how you are thinking to do it, because I am writing a component for contribution to TBB that could use it, and I'd like to know how to build in support for I/O when it comes.

If you could share any code that is available now, it would be appreciated.

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We just got a request to ask for usage cases describing how you might like to employ Blocking in your TBB tasks. So let me turn your question around. Can you (meaning anyone in our community) provide a simple coding example that shows how you would make use of I/O Blocking in your TBB application?

I twisted your parallel I/O question into an I/O Blocking response, because just having I/O with tasks is not all that novel. My blog series on pipeline parallel I/O demonstrates a simple case. But blocking cases that can't rely on the predictability of single file sequential read and writeblockingfall outside that simple case. So send us demonstrations in TBB of how you'd like to employ blocks, for I/O or other uses. This will help us ensure the right features are prioritized and tested.

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