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Documentation and books for the TBB


I would like a suggestion about where to start with TBB, my thoughts on this are:

  • there are 2 main books about this, 1 is really old and the other one is not exactly about the TBB only
  • the official documentation is quite horrible in terms of content, most of the time there is just a description of the class without any hint about what is for or what is the design behind that template/function/class
  • some links don't even work for example there are a couple of links that simply re-direct the user to the home page
  • it's not possible to download the documentation in pdf or for any off-line use
  • the website is probably left at its own destiny because even in the download section there are links that simply re-direct the user without leading to any content, for example try to download something from the "Code" section ( the last one ).

In this condition: from where do I start ?

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Hi bp,

The first book, though old, will help you get started with TBB, give it a try.

As for the pdf files, I can't find them either. Some time ago (a year or so) they were still available for download and, if I recall correctly, when downloading TBB v 4.1, they were bundled in the package.

If possible, I would like to ask for the pdf files to be available again (when I can't use the web, they're a real life saver :D )

I checked and the only links that are messed up and redirect again to the Downloads page are those for the Code Snippets.

Lastly, you have some code samples and explanations in the User Guide. For example: parallel_for

Best regards!

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