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Future of thread_bound_filter? Options?


ProTTB Chapter 16 states: "As we noted in our earlier discussions in this chapter, affinity hints are not supported
by tbb::parallel_pipeline. We cannot express that we prefer that a particular filter
execute on a specific thread. However, there is support for thread-bound filters if we
use the older, thread-unsafe tbb::pipeline class! These thread-bound filters are not

processed at all by TBB worker threads; instead, we need to explicitly process items in
these filters by calling their process_item or try_process_item functions directly.
Typically, a thread_bound_filter is not used to improve data locality, but instead
it is used when a filter must be executed on a particular thread – perhaps because
only that thread has the rights to access the resources required to complete the action
implemented by the filter. Situations like this can arise in real applications when, for
example, a communication or offload library requires that all communication happen
from a particular thread."

Now that pipelines are deprecated as part of the move to oneAPI, what are the options for getting performance similar to thread_bound_filter for soft real-time requirements?



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