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Intel TBB 4.0 Update 3 released and posted to OSS site

Hello all,

Intel TBB 4.0 Update 3 released and posted to OSS site.


TBB 4.0 Update 3 commercial-aligned release

Changes (w.r.t. TBB 4.0 Update 2 commercial-aligned release):

- Modifications to the low-level API for memory pools:
added support for aligned allocations;
pool policies reworked to allow backward-compatible extensions;
added a policy to not return memory space till destruction;
pool_reset() does not return memory space anymore.
- Class tbb::flow::graph_iterator added to iterate over all nodes
registered with a graph instance.
- multioutput_function_node has been renamed multifunction_node.
multifunction_node and split_node are now fully-supported features.
- For the tagged join node, the policy for try_put of an item with
already existing tag has been defined: the item will be rejected.
- Matching the behavior on Windows, on other platforms the optional
shared libraries (libtbbmalloc, libirml) now are also searched
only in the directory where libtbb is located.
- The platform isolation layer based on GCC built-ins is extended.

Backward-incompatible API changes:

- a graph reference parameter is now required to be passed to the
constructors of the following flow graph nodes: overwrite_node,
write_once_node, broadcast_node, and the CPF or_node.
- the following tbb::flow node methods and typedefs have been renamed:
Old New
join_node and or_node:
inputs() -> input_ports()
input_ports_tuple_type -> input_ports_type
multifunction_node and split_node:
ports_type -> output_ports_type

Bugs fixed:

- Not all logical processors were utilized on systems with more than
64 cores split by Windows into several processor groups.
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