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Intel Threading Building Blocks 4.0 Update 4 Released and posted to site

Hello all,
Intel TBB 4.0 Update 4 released and posted to OSS site. As stated before update is available via tbb40_20120408oss stable release

TBB 4.0 Update 4

Changes (w.r.t. TBB 4.0 Update 3):

- The TBB memory allocator transparently supports large pages on Linux.
- A new flow_graph example, logic_sim, was added.
- Support for DirectX* 9 was added to GUI examples.

Community Preview Features:

- Added: aggregator, a new concurrency control mechanism.

Bugs fixed:

- The abort operation on concurrent_bounded_queue now leaves the queue
    in a reusable state. If a bad_alloc or bad_last_alloc exception is
    thrown while the queue is recovering from an abort, that exception
    will be reported instead of user_abort on the thread on which it
    occurred, and the queue will not be reusable.
- Steal limiting heuristic fixed to avoid premature stealing disabling
    when large amount of __thread data is allocated on thread stack.
- Fixed a low-probability leak of arenas in the task scheduler.
- In STL-compatible allocator classes, the method construct() was fixed
    to comply with C++11 requirements.
- Fixed a bug that prevented creation of fixed-size memory pools
    smaller than 2M.
- Significantly reduced the amount of warnings from various compilers.

Open-source contributions integrated:

- Multiple improvements by Raf Schietekat.
- Basic support for Clang on Mac OS X* by Blas Rodriguez Somoza.
- Fixes for warnings and corner-case bugs by Blas Rodriguez Somoza
    and Edward Lam.

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