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Is there a public TBB known issues list?

Is there a public known issues list for open source TBB? Maybe a public interface to Intel's bug tracker for TBB? Would I get access to Intel's TBB bug tracker if I had a commercial license? I was hoping for something more up-to-date and detailed that the list of known issues put out with each release. I'm going though a software validation exercise for a piece of our software that uses the open source TBB library. Ideally I would like to check every known issue for TBB 4.3.6 and be able to tell from the bug report and my knowledge of our code, whether that issue could affect us. Many thanks, Ian.
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The public list of known issues is available in Release Notes. There is no public bug tracker, however,  if you observe an issue you can always contact Intel Premier Support or post the issue on this forum.

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