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Newbee in all these.. I need help...


Hello.. I am a student ofInformation technology with Applications in Biomedicine in greece.. 1st of all sorry for my bad english...

I have a diplomatic work to do, that involves parallel programing.. I am new in programing and absolutely newbee in parallel programing..

I have a lot of questions but i would like to start with how to incorporate the tbb library into Visual Studio 2005...

One more thing for the start is how to make a program to make addition and abstraction in parallel.. i know that i am boring.. but your help is needed..

Thanks for your time..

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Have you had a chance to read through this thread, which talks about installing TBB for use with Visual Studio? I suggest you read through that first and be sure to include the /USEENV argument when you launch Visual Studio (Common7IDEdevenv.exe) to get the path, include and lib settings to VS.

Regarding making a program with the attributes you listed, I'd refer you to the tutorial document that is distributed with Threading Building Blocks, which has code samples and such. As an IT student, I would guess that you have texts on programming and parallel programming, which may be a place to get started. If you're looking for other sources, your favorite on-line technical book seller should be very happy to provide you with more to read. A quick search of Amazonturned up 32 titles on thread programming. Though some are targeted at particular niches, there's plenty of variety in the offerings. But there's lots of bookstores and lots of books. Might I recommend the Oreilly book on TBB, written by our own James Reinders, or Tim Mattson's book, Patterns for Parallel Programming?

Good luck on your quest to learn parallel programming. With the computational requirements of biomedicine data processing, learning to write efficient, scalable programs that take advantage of many cores will be key to your success.

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