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OS X version support

Looking over the release notes for TBB 4.0 I see that OS X is only supported for version 10.6.7 and higher. Does this mean TBB is using OS capabilities that Apple introduced in 10.6.7 and won't run on earlier versions of the OS? What if my application needs to run on Leopard? Do I need to use TBB 3.0?

Sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere. I searched this forum, FAQ's and documentation and didn't find anything that mentions specific OS X versions other than the Supported Operating Systems section in Release_Notes.txt.

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A declaration of support related to a specific version doesn't have to imply that there are problems with earlier versions. Most likely any problems will manifest themselves early on if you just give it a try.
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TBB release notes show which OS versions are supported by commercial version of TBB and which binaries we provide for. Actually TBB 4.0 binaries should work on Leopard but it was not tested by TBB developers. Open source version does have broader OS support including even Tiger and PowerPC but again the latest released bits were no tested there by our team.
You can run 'make' command from src folder and in 5-10 minutes you will know whether TBB works on your system.
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