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Open Source Package and Pointers

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Here is the latest open source package for Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB), and related information.

These can also be found on the open source web site. I originally placed them here duringa web server failure. I think it is good to have them here as an alternative even though the server is up.

Intel TBB Documentation:

Stable Release The most commonly downloaded version of open source Intel TBB. The ideal mix of newness and stability for most open source developers.
Latest stable release:

Development Release For experienced Intel TBB users and project contributors in the community. This is generally the very latest version of Intel TBB.
The current development sources:

Commercially-Aligned Release The most recent version of open source Intel TBB that identically aligns with the commercial version. For users that want the most rigorously tested version of Intel TBB or just want to see the source code of the commercial version.
Commercially-Aligned Files:

Other useful links:

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