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Parallel Studio and TBB Releases

I installed TBB 2.2 today and hit some problems.

The TBB 2.2 is a TBB release. It is not a Parallel Studio release and I run PS. As part of the install, I am asked if I want to keep the old copies of TBB and I selected to remove them.

The TBB 2.2 install removes the PS TBB and then installs TBB 2.2 in c:\Program Files\Intel\TBB\2.2\... When I opened my projects with TBB, they all break - TBB .h files are not found.

My project files all point to the TBB included in PS(that is where the Project/Parallel Composer/Select Build Components will update them.) In addition, because TBB has been removed from PS, the option to add TBB to a project is disabled. I copied the TBB files from the 2.2 directory where PS expects them and I was able to build my projects but this points up a weakness in the distribution process for TBB and PS. (I am still not able to add TBB to new projects. Ugh.)

If the TBB install software knows enough to remove TBB from the PS directories, it should install the new version there. I know the PS team will claim it has not been validated with PS but that ignores the fact that I am recompiling all my projects with the new TBB anyway and I will be venturing into new terrain (combining IPP+PS+a new TBB) with or without an integrated TBB.

TBB distributions that are independent of PS should install where PS expects TBB to reside. Installation problems are tedious but fixing these problems will help future users of Intel software.

Did I have to install the TBB distribution? Yes. I already had the latest PS update and it didn't fix my problems while the TBB 2.2 did fix them.

Bob Davies
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