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SSE2 required for use of tbb?


Simple question that I cant seem to find the answeer to: is a processor that supports SSE2 a requirement to use intel threading building blocks?

I am using another computer to test some network code that I wrote to run on a mutlicore processor. So I need two computers to test the network code(not really, I know I can use, thats besides the point). The other computer only supports the SSE intruction set and I cannt seem to be able to compile an exe that does not use the mfence instruction, which causes errors on the other computer. Am I SOL on this?

Also, another question that I know I read the answer to a long time ago, but I forget exactly what the answer was. What is the deal with tbb using 100% of the cores? Does it really hog all the cores so that other applications get a very very small slice of them? Or is what I am seeing just some kind of illusion and the cores are not really being used so heavy?
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Hello, right about mfence.

Hardware - Supported
Intel Pentium 4 processor family and higher
Intel Itanium processor family (Linux* systems only)
Non Intel processors compatible with the above processors
To workaround this you can look at the thread.
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