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TBB Crash on 24 Core Processor

My application crashes when I run it with affinity mask set to more than 16 processors. I was unable to debug it, but from crash dumps I see that every time there is TBB initialization function on the stack.

I can see this machine only remote so debugging it is realy a waste of time.

Are there any limitations in TBB 3.0 that may affect processors with more than 16 cores?

Any ideas?
My system is Windows Server 2008, 24 cores AMD Opteron processor.
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Thank youfor reporting the issue.
Which TBB version (with update number) do you use, and under which OS? Did you try it at other machines with Intel and AMD processors? Does it really depend on the mask, i.e. does it work if the mask is set to a smaller number of processors?
Also if you could provide a reproducer test it would simplify investigations. E.g. it would be easy to test it on 4 sockets * 6 cores Xeon-based server.
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