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TBB - Windows


I have downloaded evalution version of TBB. I am using TBB in my dll. I installed it on windows x32 and build dll of ia32. It is working perfectly on 32 bit OS. I tried to run my application on other machine which has x64 Vista. I tried setting PATH variable also. Even i tried copying tbb.dll in system32 folder also.

can any one please tell me why it is not working?


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Can you please provide more information about the issue? I mean, what exactly error message you have seen, which version of Visual Studio was used, and etc.

Without seeing any directing information, my first guess is that there might be no proper MSVC runtime libraries present at that system. The TBB library uses C/C++ standard library functions, and therefore it depends on the vendor implementation, which is MSVC runtime in this case. For example, if you use Visual Studio 2005 environment, you should have used TBB binaries that depend on msvcr80.dll and msvcp80.dll. Moreover, as your resulting code and TBB library in use are 32-bit, you should have the 32-bit version of theRTLs on your 64-bit Vista; 64-bit RTLs won't work.

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