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Tools for measuring performance after using TBB?


Are there any standard tools for conversion of legacy applications to those which can optimally use multi core?

I would like to know of metrics and tools for measuring performance after using Intel TBB. Current trends in the marketplace arethat most users buy multicore CPU configurations based on psychologyand the benefits are not really measurable!

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If there were such a tool that takes legacy applications and converts them to a form that optimally uses multiple cores, I think the industry would breathe a sigh of relief, and I'd probably be out of a job! Sad smiley [:(]

Unfortunately for the industry but lucky for me, the process of generating efficient parallel code is hard, despite what some tool development entrepeneurs would have youbelieve. The difficulties of writing parallel code have been documented for years. Intel has some tools to aid both the development process (TBB and compilers featuring OpenMP) and the diagnostic process (VTune Analyzer, Intel Thread Checker and Intel Thread Profiler), and the process is easier and more transparent as a result, but the real gains in employing parallelism come from understanding what it is you want the computer to do and inventing/discovering algorithms that can partition the task in between lines of dependency so that each of those available processors can get useful work done without slowing each other down.

As far as measuring performance, still one of the best methods is a stopwatch!

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