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Unable to build concurrent_queue.cpp for busy waiting.

Before I submit a bug report, has anyone been able to build concurrent_queue.cpp without defining __TBB_NO_BUSY_WAIT_IN_CONCURRENT_QUEUE? I get a syntax error as well as a few type related errors. FYI: (I'm using the commercially aligned source release tbb21_014oss.) $ make info OS: linux arch=em64t compiler=gcc runtime=cc4.1.2_libc2.3.6_kernel2.6.18 tbb_build_prefix=linux_em64t_gcc_cc4.1.2_libc2.3.6_kernel2.6.18
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That macro is one of several internal macros (as shown by the __TBB_ prefix) that we sometimes use to control inclusion of this or that feature or a fix which should take some field testing before final release. Unfortunately, sometimes we forgot to timely remove old version of the code, and it remains in files but actually is not supported. It looks to me __TBB_NO_BUSY_WAIT_IN_CONCURRENT_QUEUE is such a case. I would not recommend to use it; it's likely to be removed in the future.

By the way, why do you think this mode might be useful for you?
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