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Using compiled TBB (commercially aligned version) with VS2008(orcas)


Has anyone linked the windows TBB libraries in VS2008 codename Orcas? I tried but it seems to call the wrong, old version of the runtime libraries (MSVCR80.dll MSVCP80.dll) and gives a R6034 runtime error stating that the runtime library is being called incorrectly. I would like to thank in advance to anyone that has any advice...



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Because of dependencies to MSVC runtime libraries, TBB binaries are tied to a specific version of these libraries. As VS 2008 does not provide the old runtime libraries needed for TBB, an application does not work. There could be also some peculiarities related to side-by-side assemblies and manifests.

The TBB team is aware about that, and at some time we will supply special TBB binaries to be used with VS 2008. In the meantime, you can build TBB from source. As I wrote here, the last development update of TBB has enough support to do this the same way as with previous versions of Visual C++.

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