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VS 2017 compiler error run_and_put_task VS2005 environment


I want to start using the Intel Flow Graph in my project but encounter some problems during complilation.
The Intel TBB version used is : tbb2018_20180618

I include the flow_graph.h header file in the stdafx.h file
The output below shows the compiler error generated:

repository\intel\tbb\tbb2018_20180618oss\include\tbb\internal/_flow_graph_join_impl.h(320): error C2888: 'tbb::flow::interface10::run_and_put_task' : symbol cannot be defined within namespace 'internal'

repository\intel\tbb\tbb2018_20180618oss\include\tbb\internal/_flow_graph_join_impl.h(427) : see reference to class template instantiation 'tbb::flow::interface10::internal::reserving_port<T>' being compiled

I am using VS2017 but the Platform toolset i have to use is platform toolset used by VS2005.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ?

Kind regards,

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