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class hierarchy for FlowGraph nodes


Apology's up front if this turns out to be a stupid question: I'm getting my head in a right old tangle with the template functions...

I'm trying to design a reconfigurable flowgraph framework: whereby the actual makeup of the flowgraph can be dynamically created at runtime (from a configuration file). The flowgraph would consist of:

- function_node

- multifunction_node

- source_node

- join_node (working in conjunction with a function_node).

There is only a single datatype flowing through all of these nodes, lets call it CDataClass*.

In order to support the dynamic creation of these different types of nodes, I was hoping to have a single array (or vector[]) of a base class type, then instantiate the specific node types as common-interface descendants of the base class. However (and this is where I'm getting in a tangle with the templates), it looks like every different type of node has a different interface - both in the constructor and operator(), making the thought of having a common base type almost impossible.

Can anyone suggest a means to achieving this 'dynamic' behaviour, or advise if I'm missing something here?



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Each of those "isa" graph_node.

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