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dual processor motherboard, how to


Hi all,

slightly different question now, may be not related to what you do here, but so far nobody can help me with that.

How to force windows to use only one of the two processors on dual processor motherboard and fully occupy another processor by one particular application lets say my own program? I need to run real-time control system.

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You might have better luck with this question on the general threading forum. This forum is targeted on issues specific to the Intel Threading Building Blocks.

That being said, let me take a stab at your question. How hard real-time are the constraints of your control system? With its preemptive scheduler and no isochronous guarantees for interrupt service or page-locking for processes, Windows is not really designed to meet hard real-time constraints. If you really need to meet such constraints, you might need to consider a real real-time OS, saysomething like VxWorks.

If your real-time constraints aren't that tight, you might be able to get by using process or thread affinity, which hints to the scheduler about where a process or thread should run. But that's not going to lock kernel tasks from the "dedicated real time core," or prevent your task from being swapped out. It only restricts what processors a threador processmay run upon, and may actually reduce the availability of processor cycles to the thread or process in question.

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