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how make windows 10 to support more than 64 cores?



i've build a two 18-core xeon machine with 72 threads. since windows support only 64 cores this is devided into two processor groups 36 threads each.

the problem with this is that most of my programs can use only half of my threads. 

i've found a small trick how to get around this. i disabled numa nodes in the bios. now group 0 has 64 cores and group 1 has the remaining 8. another problem with this is that some programs randomly choose witch group will they use. sometime it uses only 8 threads, sometimes 64. its totally random. but some programs are using only the group 1 with 8 threads and manually switching affinity doesnt help. it always run from group 1.

today i discovered this blog post about intel TBB and a support beyond 64 threads for windows.

i downloaded and installed newest version TBB and now i'm stuck.

so finally here are my questions. is there a way for my computer to support all 72 threads on all programs with TBB? if so, how to setup it. all i could find are some commands but i have no idea where to type them and how this all work. its just very annoying that there is no support for workstation like mine in 2016 on a PRO version of windows.

please help.


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